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Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions

A ‘Death by PowerPoint’ experience is far too common and must be eliminated if your organization wants your employees to be engaged and retain information. The human brain processes video 60,000 times FASTER than text, which means more can be compressed into less time making your training program more efficient and cost effective.

An e-learning course takes 30% – 60% less time than a comparable classroom session resulting in 50% – 70% savings in overall training costs.

Visual based learning creates an interactive environment that facilitates thinking and problem solving, not to mention it effectively demonstrates and reinforces procedures that may have previously been explained in text.

We make it simple.

Whether you’re using our pre-built courses or leveraging our video chapters to customize and reflect your company DNA and culture into your training courses, our solutions are about delivering results that save you time and resources.

From rollout to record keeping our platform was designed for those with basic computer competency in mind, so the learning curve is minimal. Your custom platform can be provisioned within 48-hours and courses can be created and assigned within 60 minutes, regardless of the topic.

Experiencing the Vocam difference has never been easier with the new addition of small trial packages. Try it and see for yourself, the flexibility and world-class support we provide is second to non.

Your training, your way!

Compliance requirements may at times be generic in nature but no two companies are exactly alike.

Company specific courses create ATTENTION, and attention creates RETENTION. Customized courses are far more engaging to the end-user and allow your organization to equip your staff with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful within their specific roles within YOUR COMAPANY.

Think of an open blank canvas, which not only allows you to stay up-to-date with ever-changing legislative requirements but more importantly, the needs of your company be it product training, ethics, policies and SOPs. Deliver exactly what your company requires to be successful quickly an easily.

Not a problem.

It is not uncommon for organizations to have multiple platforms that speak to the needs of their organization.

Our solutions are designed to work in concert with other software that have Webservices API capabilities. The integration is simple to implement, and once complete, training can not only be assigned from your current system, but records of completion automatically pushed back into it once training is completed.

We’ve thought of everything!


If your organization has existing SCORM courses they can be easily uploaded into your custom platform and deployed within a few clicks.

Do we ever!

World-class support is one of the main reasons our retention rates increase year over year, and we don’t charge a single cent for it.

You will be assigned a dedicated Product Specialist who will not only facilitate a full training session on how to get the very most out of your platform, but more importantly, be your point of contact for any questions you may have along the way.

On top of that, you’ll have full access to our video support page that will provide short training videos on every function within the platform as you build courses, assign and track progress.

Help is a click, email or phone call away!


As a global organization each course that we offer is created based on the specific best work practices of the region.

Further to that, the easy to use customization tool allows you to inject any company specific information to help your organization meet legislative requirements that either federal or provincial law may mandate.

Staying local and up to date has never been easier!

Not at all!

Our no contract, pay-per-use pricing structure allows our technology to be used by companies of all shapes and sizes. Buy based on your organization’s training needs and rollout accordingly.

Flexibility is the name of the game.

Pretty much all of them.

Our pre-built course offering is constantly growing and consists of training that is applicable to all aspects of your business – HR, Safety, Leadership and Workplace Wellness.

Whether you’re looking to deploy compliance-based courses or training that is very specific and unique to your business, our solutions speak to the needs of every company and industry.


We do offer a number of courses in both Canadian and European French and our offering continues to grow.


One of the strengths of the Canadian workforce is diversity, and our customization tool will allow you to create courses in any language required. Whether you choose to upload translated text or voiceover in a specific language, we can absolutely accommodate training required in languages outside of English and French.


Further to our no contract, pay-per-use model we do offer small trial packages that can be purchased to allow your organization the opportunity to experience the Vocam difference and create a proof of concept.

Additional Sessions can be purchased at any time throughout your subscription so you don’t have to mortgage your entire training budget on an unproven solution right from the start. Start small and scale up – our confidence in our platform allows us to provide the utmost flexibility to all our clients.